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Twilight/Alice Cullen & Demetri/Prompt 094 Duty

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Dec. 18th, 2009 | 10:19 am
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Title: Stockholm Syndrome
Chapter: 1: Collateral
Author: Raven June
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Alice Cullen, Demetri, Felix, Jasper Hale, Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen
Prompt: 094 Duty
Genre: Het
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1566
Summary: Alice does a good deed for Bella and Edward.
Authors notes: Lyrics by AFI. Spoilers from the New Moon book. Written for the 100_tales

- If you just relax, I promise I won't hurt you, Demetri whispered into Alice's ear and held his hand on her throat. 

It's in the blood, it's in the blood
I met my love before I was born
She wanted love, I taste of blood

Alice closed her eyes as another vision filled her mind. She felt Jasper grabbing her hand but she didn't see him anymore. Instead she saw that a vampire was nearby. First she got scared that it would be Victoria, but then the vision got clearer. It wasn't Victoria, but something almost as bad. There was two vampires, both from Volturi. Demetri and Felix were nearby and Alice was shocked. She squeezed Jasper's hand and got back to reality. Jasper, Edward, Carlisle, Esme and Emmett were looking at her, waiting for her to tell about the vision.

"Volturi. Demetri and Felix are coming. Emmett, you have to take Bella to safety" Alice gasped and got up. Jasper was still holding Alice's hand. Edward seemed as shocked as Alice, though he knew Volturi would come one day for Bella. Edward was able to hear Alice's thoughts and the panic she was feeling. She knew Demetri and Felix were very close, probably in Port Angeles already. It would take about an hour from them to arrive to Forks.

"I will take Bella to safety" Edward said and got up, the worry was glowing from his eyes.
"No you won't. You need to be here when Demetri and Felix come, you need to hear what they are thinking. Bella will be safe with Emmett" Carlisle said strictly. That was wise, they needed to know what Demetri and Felix were planning on doing when they came. Maybe they were just stopping by. Yeah right, from Italy, Alice thought.

Edward didn't like Carlisle's decision, but he knew there was no time to argue.
"I promise, bro" Emmett said and patted Edward's back. Edward nodded and Emmett disappeared out of the window. He didn't take the car because he would be quicklier on feet. The worry was shining from Edward's face as Jasper tried his best to make the mood lighter and warmer.

"I'm sorry Edward. I should've seen them coming earlier" Alice apologized quietly from Edward.
"It's okay, not your fault. Oh, they're at the door right now" Edward muttered. He was right, just a second after that the doorbell rang. Carlisle told everyone to stay where they were and went to open the door. Edward was frozen in his place and Esme looked very worried, taking her son's hand to give him courage. Soon Carlisle came into the room with Demetri and Felix. They were looking as cold as always, Alice shivered as Demetri gave her a look.

Edward opened his mouth the second Demetri and Felix stepped into the room.
"We'll say no to your suggestion" he said, surprising Demetri and Felix for a brief second as they didn't remember Edward was able to hear their thoughts.
"Are you absolutely sure? It would be a shame to kill the human as her talents are as interesting as yours" Felix said calmly, crossing his arms. Alice shivered again as they were talking about killing Bella.

"Edward, what's going on?" Alice asked from Edward who was frowning.
"You want to tell, or will we?" Demetri asked from Edward, sitting on to the red silk sofa. Alice felt as Jasper was still doing his best to make the mood better, squeezing her hand.
"I'll tell" Edward said poisonly. Then he turned to everyone with pain in his eyes. He cleared his throat and then started to speak.

"They want to take one of us with them, as a some sort of collateral. To make sure that we'll change Bella as we promised. They will keep the person in the Volterra until Bella is transformed or they will kill her right now." Edward said, grinding his teeth. Alice's heart bounced, she wasn't going to let them kill Bella.

"We'll let you decide who will come with us" Felix said, a slightly amused tone in his voice, as they were in control of the situation.
"We won't come, I won't risk my family like that" Edward said strictly, but Carlisle walked to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay Edward. You need to think of Bella right now. I'm sure they won't hurt us" Carlisle promised him, looking into his son's eyes. The room was quiet.
"I'll go" Alice said, breaking the sudden silence, drawing everyone's eyes at her. She was a slight bit afraid but she wanted to help Bella. Demetri's eyes drilled into her eyes and Alice felt uneasy again.

"You sure Alice? I mean, I can go, I've been there before" Carlisle noted to her. Alice knew Carlisle couldn't go, they needed him at the hospital; him being one of the best doctors. No, Alice was convinced that she should go.
"I'm sure. Don't worry dad, I'll be fine. Just take care of Bella, will ya?" Alice asked from Carlisle. Carlisle nodded, looking worried. It was Edward who disagreed with everyone.

"No, Alice, you're not going anywhere. We had a plan, remember?" Edward said to Alice behind his teeth. Yes, the plan was to stay away from Volturi as long as possible, but they had no idea that the Volturi would come that soon after them. Though Alice didn't know how they were going to solve the situation, she was absolutely sure that Edward would never change Bella, he wouldn't want her to end up like a soulles monster, as Edward called himself.

"Edward, please. Think of Bella now, I'll be fine" Alice promised to Edward, who still didn't seem to like the the idea of sending Alice away with Demetri and Felix. But, Edward didn't resist anymore. Jasper frowned at Alice and then walked to Demetri.
"If you hurt her, I will personally make sure that that is the last thing you'll ever do" Jasper grinded, adding asshole under his breath. Demetri looked smug as they stared at each other with Jasper.

"As if you would be able to do anything to me" Demetri said.
"Don't worry, we're not planning on hurting her. She's only a collateral" Felix assured and gave Demetri an angry look. Demetri crossed his arms and stood expressionlessly.
"Shall we Alice?" Felix asked and opened the door. Esme pulled Alice into a hug. She whispered something encouraging into Alice's ear.

Alice was now afraid, not knowing how long she would have to be away from her family, because there was no way Edward was changing Bella. Well, not willingly. Alice sighed, Edward knew she was afraid and nervous, but Bella was his life and that's why he let Alice go. Alice walked gracefully out of the door, Demetri and Felix after her. Demetri exhanged a few words with Edward but Alice didn't hear what they said. Felix tried to grab Alice's arm but she told him that she was able to walk on her own. They left the Cullen house and walked into the woods.

"We'll run now so we'll be at the Volterra on time. Don't try anything" Demetri warned. Alice realized that she didn't necessarily have to go to the Volterra after all, she just needed to play some time so Emmett would have time to hide Bella into some safe place. They stopped, Felix's eyes were black as night.
"I need to hunt" he growled and then disappeared, leaving Demetri to keep an eye on Alice. As soon as Felix was out of sigh, Alice decided to make her plan come true.

When Demetri looked the other way for a brief second, Alice sprinted. She was hoping that she would possibly be able to get away from Demetri. She knew Demetri was fast but she had the advantage of few seconds. She underestimated Demetri, he was far faster than she ever imagined. Demetri caught up with her within seconds and tackled her down, looking furious and eyes deep black. Alice noticed she forgot to breath and somehow she was frightened by Demetri. With a quick move Demetri got up, pulling Alice after him. He was looking furious as he flipped Alice over, butting his hand on her neck. Alice froze.

"If you just relax, I promise I won't hurt you" Demetri whispered into Alice's ear and held his hand on her throat. Demetri's hand felt cold, even though Alice's own skin was very cold too, Demetri's was freezing cold. Alice tried to relaz and remind herself that she was doing it for Bella's benefit, she was protecting her best friend.
"Let go of me, I promise I won't go anymore" Alice said but Demetri wasn't stupid. He took a tighter grip of Alice as Felix returned from hunting, smelling like blood and eyes bright red again. Alice felt as Demetri shivered when he smelled the blood, he must've been so thirsty.

"Get her, she's surprisingly strong. They're expecting us to arrive in Volterra in couple of days" Demetri said. Felix nodded, with one swift, invisible to the eye movement he grabbed Alice's arm and pulled her onto his back. Clearly they weren't going to let Alice run anymore. So, Felix and Demetri ran towards Italy and Alice knew she wouldn't have chance to run away anymore. She could only hope for the best.

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